'Bourne Legacy' Brings Joan Allen Back As Pam Landy

The Bourne LegacyYou've heard by now that "The Bourne Legacy" will veer away from the spy franchise's original trilogy while still maintaining the continuity of those films, even without Matt Damon on board. But how exactly will the spinoff connect with the original? We're glad you asked!

Showblitz reveals that "Bourne" veterans Joan Allen and Albert Finney are both set to reprise their roles from the original set of movies in the latest thriller, directed by longtime "Bourne" scribe Tony Gilroy.

They're joining an amazingly accomplished cast that already includes Jeremy Renner in the lead role, Oscar Isaac as an assassin named Number Three, Edward Norton tentatively playing a villain, and Rachel Weisz pulling her weight in an unknown capacity.

"Bourne" enthusiasts will remember Allen's character, CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy, from "The Bourne Supremacy" and "Ultimatum." The razor sharp agent spent both films doing her best to track down the amnesiac Jason Bourne. As she gets closer to the core of the Treadstone conspiracy, however, she finds herself sympathizing with Bourne's plight, leading her to publicly testify against the program that made him into a stone-cold killer.

Finney, meanwhile, is back as Doctor Albert Hirsch, the man who oversaw the behavior modification program at Treadstone that turned Bourne into such a badass in the first place. One imagines he'll have played a similar role in creating an assassin out of Renner's character, but given that Hirsch is behind bars by the end of "Ultimatum," we'll have to wait and see exactly how he (and Landy) factors into "Legacy."

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