Taylor Lautner: Comedian?

FROM MTV MOVIES: Taylor Lautner may be gunning to be Hollywood's next big action star, but that doesn't mean he isn't itching for a good comedy as well.

The "Twilight Saga" star recently got some laughs with a Funny or Die sketch called "Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout" and he has appeared in a series of silly skits to promote the MTV Movie Awards in the past two years. At San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, MTV News caught up with the actor, who told us he would "definitely" love to star in a comedy in the future.

"I've always loved comedies," he said. "I did 'SNL,' and then I did the thing with Tom [Cruise] for the MTV Movie Awards, and then most recently I did the thing with Jason Sudeikis, which was a lot of fun," he said of a promo skit with the 2011 awards-show host.

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