Len Wiseman's 'Total Recall' Ditches Mars But Keeps The Spirit

There is still a lot of time to wait until we'll see Len Wiseman's re-imagining of "Total Recall," but I have to admit that based on a recent Comic-Con chat with Wiseman himself, I am much more enthused about his take on the Schwarzenegger-starring Paul Verhoeven-directed cult classic than I was when I heard about the Jessica Biel casting. Here's why:

"One of the reasons I chose to do this film is I think there really is a different look into that kind of character, and the personal struggle that that guy is going through," Wiseman explained of deciding to tackle a reboot of the much-loved original.

"The concept is such a great struggle for this character, if you inherently feel like a good guy but everybody around you is telling you you're bad and they have proof of it, they say, 'You're actually a bad person,' but you inherently in your heart you feel like a good person, what does that ultimately do to you? Do you accept the proof or go with your own feeling? There's a lot there, a deeper character that I was fascinated by."

Wiseman made sure to point out that he is a major fan of the original, and as such, is approaching the film from a fanboy perspective.

"I am such a fan of the Verhoeven film and love the Philip K. Dick story. I approach it from if there was a new take to come out, what I would like to see and what I wouldn't like to see," he said. "Whether it's something inspired by, or to pay homage to Verhoeven's film, it's based off because I am a fan, what I would like to see."

So what kind of easter eggs and homages to the original might we expect to see in Wiseman's film?

"Before I re-watched 'Total Recall,' Verhoeven's film, I hadn't seen it for 16 years, I wrote down a list of the things I remembered from it that as a kid, really stuck with me, and then watched the film because I didn't want to be influenced by it watching it new," he explained.

"A lot of those things I wanted to bring into this one in some form," Wiseman teased. "There are a few moments in there. We don't go to Mars on this one, but I don't think you can have 'Total Recall' without a three-breasted woman. I don't think you can do that."

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