Comic-Con Alien Invasion, Courtesy Of 'The Darkest Hour'

"The Darkest Hour" has come to San Diego Comic-Con, but things certainly look bright for the new Summit Entertainment sci-fi flick.

Stars Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella and Joel Kinnaman were joined by director Chris Gorak and producers Tom Jacobson and Monnie Willis at a special press presentation to show off the production art for the upcoming alien invasion movie. "The Darkest Hour" plays around with the concept of an extraterrestrial assault both visually and in terms of its style.

"It's an alien movie, but it's kind of pretty different I think. I'm not worried about people confusing it with the other ones," said Minghella. "It's really a human story about these five characters trying to survive in this completely fucked environment."

Since it was shot entirely in 3-D, Gorak -- best known for his art direction on films like "Minority Report" and "Fight Club" -- has taken a different approach to alien design in the movie. His aliens can't be seen in daylight, but since electricity responds to them, the main characters are able to find a way to discover when they're around and eventually kill them. But Gorak didn't want the aliens not to have a visual presence in the film, so the movie will include scenes from their perspective.

This is the first time stars Minghella and Hirsh have filmed a movie entirely in 3-D, so they said it was a bit of a slower process than their previous drama-heavy features. Despite the different technical element of the movie, both said they were excited to get a chance to film "Darkest Hour" on location in Moscow.

"The only drawback to the shoot was that it was so hot," Hirsch said. "It was record heat. It was the record heat wave of Russia's history. It was crazy hot."

Though Minghella was most recently seen in "The Social Network" and Hirsch is perhaps best known for "Into The Wild" and "The Girl Next Door," both said they were thrilled to get a chance to work on an action movie because it is a genre in which they are very interested. Hirsch predicted that, in addition to 2008's "Speed Racer," there will be many more action movies in his future.

"I'm sure I'll do a bunch more action. I watch action movies. I'm like a really multiple genre-liker," Hirsch said. "I'm super into that because I get bored with one genre."

Minghella agreed. "These are the kinds of movies I was psyched to go and see," he said. "I think when you see the trailer, you'll be as excited about it as I am."

Fans can expect to see the first trailer for "Darkest Hour" before screenings of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" on August 5.

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