Tom Cruise Is Taylor Lautner's Action Idol, 'Abduction' Star Says

FROM MTV NEWS: Taylor Lautner is ready to abduct the title of Hollywood's resident action star when "Abduction" hits theaters September 23, but he didn't get there without a little inspiration from some of the genre's greatest actors.

When MTV caught up with the "Twilight Saga" star at San Diego Comic-Con this week, he revealed that he did more than admire the top action actors: He studied them. Considering "Abduction" is being described along the lines of the "Bourne" movies and "Minority Report," it makes sense that Tom Cruise and Matt Damon are among Lautner's biggest role models.

"I studied film with John Singleton while preparing for the movie, and I chose Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford; we just went down the list," Lautner explained. "It would be an honor to have a tenth the career that those guys have."

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