'Hobbit' Director Peter Jackson To Andy Serkis: 'Be Bold'!

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for "The Hobbit," from Peter Jackson's directorial return to Middle Earth, to the awesome-looking dwarf costumes, to the return of some fan-favorite characters like Elijah Wood's Frodo. But Andy Serkis has his own specific reason: he's Jackson's second unit director.

"He's always been aware that directing is an area that I want to move into, as well as acting," Serkis said of Jackson while at San Diego Comic-Con. "It was a wonderful opportunity and made sense."

He wasn't clear on which scenes he'd be behind the camera for, but we're assuming it won't be any of the moments when Gollum is around.

"I'm there to be very much his eyes and reflect his sensibility, but at the same time he said, 'Andy, I want you to go out there and be bold and make good choices and just bring back some interesting stuff," Serkis said. "He's been incredibly generous with what he's given me to do."

Serkis has been in plenty of films, but this will be his first time behind the camera. When prompted, the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" actor said he had plenty of aspects of the trade that he had picked up during his time filming in New Zealand.

"Film is a collection of moments, really, as we all know, and it's true," he explained. "Trying to find the nugget of the scene, what the core moment within the scene, the turning point within the scene or the moment is a really great piece of advice."

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