Justin Timberlake And Taylor Lautner Are On Today's MTV News Comic-Con Live Stream!

Taylor LautnerFROM MTV MOVIES: The "Breaking Dawn" panel and MTV live stream have come and gone, but the movie-friendly nerdery at San Diego Comic-Con is still in full swing. MTV News has a lot more excitement lined up for Friday's live stream at 6 p.m. ET/ 3 p.m. PT, including several surprises up our sleeves.

Looking forward to "Cowboys & Aliens"? We've got you covered. A sucker for the highly anticipated new "Thundercats" animated series? We have an exclusive clip under wraps. Plus, there's even more Taylor Lautner goodness to look forward to.

It all kicks off with MTV's Josh Horowitz sitting down with "Cowboys & Aliens" director Jon Favreau in anticipation of the film's release this weekend. And in case that's not enough Western-style alien-invasion goodness for you, we've been rolling out interviews from the "C&A" junket in Montana all week.

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