'Hobbit' Avoids Comic-Con, Releases New Video Instead

The HobbitGood news and bad news, "Hobbit" fans: if you were hoping that going to Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend would bring you one step closer to Middle-Earth, you're in for a disappointment.

Peter Jackson announced on Facebook this week that, sadly, "The Hobbit" won't have a presence at this year's convention because "there's so much more of the films to shoot." That said, he expects the two-part "Lord of the Rings" prequel "will be there in full force next year."

Now for the good news — in lieu of an official Comic-Con presence, Jackson has posted yet another of his highly entertaining video production diaries from the set of "The Hobbit," this time offering an extraordinary amount of insight into the dwarf creation process as well as revealing a surprising amount of the film's greatest reveals.

The new video, the third in Jackson's series, spends the vast majority of its 13 minute runtime cataloguing the equally numbered dwarves that embark on a mission with Gandalf the Grey and the hobbit Bilbo Baggins to reclaim their lost kingdom of Erebor. We're treated to an extensive look at their makeup process, their secret language, their battle cries in Trollshaw and even a classic Tolkien song or two (look out for Stephen Hunter's in-character heavy metal rendition of "Merry Inn" — it's hard to miss).

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the video comes when John Rhys-Davies, who famously played Gimli the dwarf in "Lord of the Rings," visits the set and his Dwarven ancestors.

"You poor buggers," he laughs at the thirteen actors, all of them dressed head to toe in full dwarf gear. "When he gets you running up a hill in full armor, you'll enjoy that!" But not one to walk away without leaving a silver lining, Rhys-Davies adds: "But you're going to be spectacular. You'll be chased by women all around the world!"

"But only if you're in costume and makeup," Jackson chimes in in a winking attempt to regain authority on the set.

Though the dwarves are the highlight of the video, there's much more to see, including the return of Cate Blanchett to the role of Galadriel as well as another actor who was previously rumored to reprise his role, but is only now completely confirmed. No spoilers from me, would-be ringbearers — you'll have to see the video for yourself.

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