Will Harrison Ford Return For New 'Blade Runner' Films?

News that "Blade Runner" might be headed back to the multiplex in sequel or prequel form was met, at least in an MTV Movies Blog poll last March, with a mixture of excitement, derision, and "Meh, let's wait and see" ambivalence.

I'm conflicted myself, though producers behind the effort seem to be hitting all the right notes, saying they'll avoid executive suite-driven micromanagement and will model their approach to the material on the way Christopher Nolan handled "Batman." All good things! But it would certainly help matters if "Blade Runner" star Harrison Ford would cosign the new films and perhaps even take part in the sci-fi madness.

That's what we were wondering when we sat down with Ford late last week at a "Cowboys & Aliens" press event in Montana. He was tight-lipped (not to mention bemused when I embarrassingly, inexcusably mispronounced the name of his "Blade Runner" character, Rick Deckard; nerd mea culpa!), but the takeaway is that he's certainly been in touch with producers.

"I have no idea at this point," he said about taking part in any film. "It's very early on. I know some of the people involved."

It's early indeed. As of a March interview with io9, producers had yet even to hire writers for the project. If and how Deckard, 30 years after the original film, could even fit into a fresh prequel or sequel storyline is anybody's guess. But, at minimum, it's telling Ford didn't just dismiss the notion of adding more "Blade Runner" goodness to his filmography. We'll just have to wait and see. As Ford said, "It's a long way from fruition."

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