EXCLUSIVE: Angels & Airwaves Present 3-For-1 Live Music And Film Experience

This one is for both the filmgoers and music lovers. On Wednesday Aug. 10, the band Angels & Airwaves will take the stage to present "Angels & Airwaves Present LOVE Live," a unique one-night multimedia extravaganza to be broadcast to more than 450 theaters nationwide.

Part one of this thee-part event kicks off at 8:00 p.m. ET with the live broadcast of "LOVE," a film of human connection, self discovery and elements of sci-fi and space exploration thrown in for good measure. It is written and directed by Will Eubank and produced and scored by Tom DeLonge and his band Angels & Airwaves. The broadcast of the film will be immediately followed by a live Q&A from Boston with Eubank, lead actor Gunner Wright and DeLonge. Angels & Airwaves will then take the stage to perform live, and will finally debut the music video for their first single off the LOVE double album.

"Up until now, showing LOVE to a wide audience was a complete dream," DeLonge told MTV News via email. "We searched for months on how we could bring this small film to a big screen for fans that have been waiting nearly five years for it. When we spoke with NCM Fathom, they had access to something we never thought attainable. Our talks were focused on creating this huge multimedia experience that would entertain both film and music fans - that was the top priority," he explained. "We came to the conclusion that the best way to do that would be to integrate all my passions into one program that will be LOVE Live."

For theater information and to purchase tickets to this one night-only event, click here.

"It's amazing to see a film that had such humble, but ambitious, beginnings in my parents backyard to now be seen by such a broad audience," Eubanks said. "LOVE draws on the idea of the importance of human connection and what better way for audiences to 'connect' to LOVE than by having them watch it on the same day nationwide."