Harry Potter World Cup: Severus Snape Wins, And You Approve!

Severus Snape is the Harry Potter World Cup champion, and Alan Rickman accepted the award on his character's behalf at last night's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" premiere in New York City. It was a surreal moment, to say the least. Watch the video below to see his reaction to the news.

For many of you, Snape's victory isn't much of a surprise — he was practically predestined for the win after defeating Harry Potter with such ease, going on to topple both Hermione and Ron with a similar level of fan support — and while the feeling isn't entirely unanimous, it seems that the vast majority of "Potter" fans are very, very pleased with Snape winning the World Cup.

Check out a sample of reactions to Snape's World Cup win after the jump!

"I'm glad Severus won! I have a soft spot for Ron but Severus...god I love the characters, it doesn't help that Alan got to play him. He has such a strong alluring aura, and his voice is to die for *shakes head* He is the best!! I've been a fan for a long time! For both Alan and Severus Snape, they are absolutely awesome!!"

- Fercita Cruz G

"I think it's obvious that Ron is much loved :) But Snape didn't get the love & recognition he deserved because he had to go deeply undercover to protect Harry. As a result, it would be nice to show him that we awknowledge & praise him for his sacrifice & finally show him the love he deserved all along."

- TheSilverDoe

"I like Snape well enough; I can appreciate the tradgedy that is his story and the complexity of his character and I admire his bravery very much, but I still find a hard time forgiving him for the way he bullied his students (it makes me genuinely angry each time I think of how he treated Neville). As for Ron, he is the most wonderful and real character in the whole series and has always been my favourite. He has my vote any day :)"

- wllndr

"Snape had my vote the whole way through! He is my favorite character of the series, being, in my opinion, probably the best developed. And to top it off, he's played by the brilliant Alan Rickman! It's nice that he knows of the Potter Puppet Pals, I never really pictured Alan Rickman watching videos on Youtube."

-Samantha DinosaurHands Joint

"This really just proves that people are voting for Alan Rickman. Snape obviously has no distinct voice in the books. Really, nobody likes the real Malfoy. They like Tom Felton."

- SomeoneOutThere

"I love Ron, I really do! But after reading Snape's memories, I don't know how anyone could not vote for Snape"

- HP4life

"Unrequited Love Hurts the most !!!...it seems like Severus Snape was never loved in the books and yet throughout this entire tournament a wave of love started to grow and grow and in the final rownd it was alsmost... like.. you can feel it,... breathe it even... so intense was the love of all fans towards the amazing character that Severus Snape is !!! I say that there was a cunami now !!!... the quite but extreemly deep ocean of love towads Severus was like asleep waiting to be awaken in such an event - an amazing tornament that really might go down in history by uniting so many people behind an unacknowledged HERO !!!"

- Serpeverde

"Watching the live feed was the highlight of my day, and I had a busy day! I came up out of my chair when the delightful Mr. Rickman appeared on camera. My husband could only comment that it was sorta sick. Seeing Alan Rickman's questioning shock was almost like watching Professor Snape accept the award himself. A flash of unbelief, doubt, then that beautiful blush of acceptance and pleasure. I am so proud for Severus Snape for being such a brilliant character and for Alan Rickman for providing the charm, the physical beauty, and a voice designed by God Himself. GoAlan/Severus~"

- Sherrie Martin

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