New 'Hobbit' Set Video Features Elrond And Gollum Directing!

The HobbitThese last few days have been full of awesome for fans of Peter Jackson's big screen adaptation of "The Hobbit." Hot on the heels of two sets of newly released photos is a second, action-packed video production blog Jackson has posted on his Facebook page. Well, it's not exactly action-packed, in the traditional sense of the phrase, but it's heavy on the ins and outs of the filmmaking process and full of enough fanboy goodness to obsess over for months, or until Jackson releases his next blog.

Click here to take a walk through Jackson's magical world, which, in typical Jackson form, is much more like a mini movie, complete with a sweeping score and fancy video effects vs. just a production blog.

For the casual viewer like me, the most enjoyable aspect of this new video is watching esteemed and beloved actor Andy Serkis (aka Gollum) chat with Jackson about his new role on "The Hobbit," that of second unit director. We see footage of Serkis in action, sporting a mane of longish dark curls and a beard, a welcome change from his Gollum look. At one point during the director-to-director chat, Serkis says to Jackson, "I don't know how you do it," speaking to the amount of work required to manage the entire production versus just his second unit. Jackson responds that he just gets used to being exhausted.

Other fun facts gleaned: in addition to glimpses of illustrious Elrond (Hugo Weaving) and Bilbo (Martin Freeman) shooting a scene, as well as brief chats with new dwarves Gloin (Peter Hambleton) and Bifur (William Kircher), the cast and crew will be shooting 254 days total on the two parts of the film. They marked the passing of the first 54 days by making T-shirts for everyone that had "2011 2012 254 Days" on the back of the shirt, with the "254" crossed out to read "200 to go."

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