First 'Sherlock Holmes' Posters Are Dark And Stormy

Sherlock HolmesIf you need something else to take your mind off the blistering summer heat, take a gander at the two new posters released for "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," both of which have a coolness about them that has us overly excited for the sequel's release on December 16.

The first one, which debuted over at Yahoo, features Robert Downey Jr. as the titular Sherlock Holmes as he looks straight into the camera, with a half smirk/half serious expression on his perfectly stubbled face. He also has his arms crossed, with a gun pointing over his shoulder where we see a slightly blurry, yet dapper figure in the background who we can safely assume to be Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty.

Check it out past the jump!

The second poster showcases Jude Law in all his mustachioed, stoic, John Watson glory. Looming in the background of Watson's character poster is Noomi Rapace as gypsy lady Sim, who we've been told is a "gypsy princess with balls," director Guy Ritchie said of Rapace's new character when we visited the set awhile back.

Yahoo has a third image that should look familiar to those who've been following the news around "Game of Shadows." It features Downey Jr, Law and Rapace together in action. The three actors look to be running away from something dangerous - possibly an explosion of some sort, judging by the wisps of smoke and debris that look to be following behind the stars. It's also worth noting that if this shot was indeed captured just after or as an explosion occurred, Rapace wins the award for coolest cucumber, based solely on her serene expression compared with the angst all over Law's face.

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