'Transformers': What You Could Buy With 'Dark Of The Moon's Box Office Results

TransformersAmidst fireworks, barbeques, and a whole lot of celebrating America, it looks like a heck of a lot of you made it out to your nearest theater this Fourth of July weekend and watched "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." The final weekend box office tally is $97.5 million, not counting its full total since opening last Tuesday. That's a hefty chunk of change, as is the trend with the "Transformers" franchise.

It also got us thinking... what else could your "Transformers"-loving heart buy with that kind of cash? With the help of our highly capable research and analysis department (aka our rusty math skills), we've unearthed a whole bunch of merchandise in disguise that you wouldn't even dream of buying unless you had, say, an extra $97.5 million to blow.

4,877,438 Optimus Prime action figures

What could you do with 4,877,438 Optimus Prime Mechtech action figures? You could prevent the next Decepticon invasion, that's for sure. Sure, you might want to spice up your Autobot defenses with a Bumblebee or Ironhide for good measure, but we like to stick with old faithful.

1,083,453 Megan Fox autographed photos

Sure, her time with "Transformers" has passed, but we still have a special place in our hearts for Megan Fox (just like this guy). That's why we'd contemplate buying 1,083,453 autographed 8x10 photos of Megan Fox. We think it would give our bedroom some nice feng shui.

2,166,666 copies of "Transformers: The Movie"

Can't get enough "Transformers"? Well, you should probably go back to the original and watch all 2,166,666 copies of the 25th anniversary edition of "Transformers: The Movie" that you can buy with the money "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" made over the three day weekend. But we have a feeling you might get sick of "Transformers" by then. (Ed. Note: There is no getting sick of "Transformers: The Movie." Ever. -JW)

667,808 Matrix of Leadership variants

The Matrix of Leadership plays a pretty significant role in the latter two "Transformers" films, but any true "Transformers" fan knows that the version of the Matrix that is used in the movie looks nothing like the one in the original flick. That's why we suggest spending that money on 667,808 copies of this badass variant of the Matrix of Leadership, which the resident "Transformers" fan in my life guarantees me is "the coolest thing ever."

270 Bumblebee-inspired Chevy Camaros

Chevy's "Transformers"-inspired Camaro might not actually transform into robot, but it sure does look sexy. That being said, if you're planning on spending your $97.5 million on 270 new sports cars, we'd argue that you probably should set some of that money aside for a new garage. Or a hundred.

What would you buy with $97.5 million? Are you one of the many who went and saw "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!