Elijah Wood Joins MTV News, Destroys Everything

You think you know Elijah Wood. But, to quote an old saying 'round these parts, you have no idea.

If you thought, for example, that he got all of his ring-created rage out of his system during "Lord of the Rings," you were wrong. Thought that "Sin City" gave him the great psychotic outlet he so desperately needed? Not so. No, Elijah most certainlly still has some mischief up his sleeve, as MTV's Josh Horowitz learned in the latest edition of After Hours.

The occasional Frodo Baggins, currently starring in FX's hilarious new comedy series "Wilfred," is a noted fan of our work here at MTV News, so he swung by to get the lowdown on what goes on here in the newsroom. Turns out, that's not the only reason he was here. Watch the video below and look into Wood's evil Eye of Sauron for yourself.