Harry Potter World Cup: Harry Vs. Neville

Harry Potter World CupWelcome to MTV's Harry Potter World Cup! We've selected 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches. Will the Death Eaters destroy Hogwarts, or will good triumph over evil? In the end, the choice is yours, so keep voting at MTV Movies Blog and make your voice heard!

After nearly two full weeks of competition, the Harry Potter World Cup's original pool of 64 characters has thinned down to the Sweet 16 — and among the wizards and witches still remaining in the competition is none other than the titular contender, Harry himself. The Boy Who Lived was always a sure bet to go deep in the World Cup, but how is he going to fare when pressed up against another Chosen One?

Voting for all Sweet 16 duels closes on Wednesday, July 6 at 12:01 AM EST, so make sure to start voting now. You can follow all of the action right here.

(1) Harry Potter vs. (4) Neville Longbottom

If Neville's breathtaking finish in his duel against McGonagall isn't enough proof of his worthiness in this competition, nothing is. Neville has one of the fullest arcs of any character in the entirety of "Potter," starting as a meek and socially incapable boy who transformed himself into a serpent-slaying hero by story's end. That said, are those accomplishments enough to defeat the Boy Who Lived? After all, this is Harry's story, not to mention the fact that the tournament is named after him. Still, someone has to defeat Harry eventually, unless he truly is predestined to win this whole thing. When it comes to the World Cup, could Neville Longbottom be the Chosen One after all, or can we already write this one off as another win for Harry?

Having trouble deciding? Consult our Harry Potter World Cup experts from MuggleNet, The Leaky Cauldron, DanRadcliffe.com, RupertGrint.net and MTV News for their insight!

And if you're still not sure about who to vote for, don't forget that Matthew Lewis has a pretty convincing pro-Neville argument for you.