'G.I. Joe 2' Is All About The Rock And Ninjas, Says Producer

Cobra might be on the rise, but there are at least two things the terrorist organization needs to watch out for: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and a whole host of ninjas.

Director Jon Chu's "G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes" is currently in the works, and it promises to hold a whole lot of fun for fans of The Rock and the ninja contingent of the Joe squad. MTV News caught up with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura at the New York City premiere of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" earlier this week, and he revealed that the upcoming "Joe" sequel is very much centered on the returning Snake-Eyes and newcomer Roadblock, played by Johnson.

"It's a full-on lead role," he said of Roadblock's presence in the film. "In a way, he and Snake-Eyes, their stories are really dynamic and very important."

It's not surprising to hear that Snake-Eyes has a larger role to play, considering the recent casting of Elodie Yung as Jinx and RZA as Blind Master, two of the most popular martial arts-centric characters in the entire "Joe" universe. Add to that the rumors of Byung-hun Lee's return as Storm Shadow and one might make the logical conclusion that the "G.I. Joe" sequel is essentially all about the ninjas… and if you put that very question to di Bonaventura, he'd be hard pressed to shut you down.

"The ninja fans are going to love it," he said of the sequel. "There's a tremendous amount of it. What's interesting is, we both have that going on in the Snake-Eyes story, but we've found a way to bring that element into the Joes' story. I think anybody who's a fan of dark, in the middle of the night [action with] a dangerous foe arriving, this is a movie for you."

As for Roadblock, di Bonaventura added: "Rock is such a great character to have in 'G.I. Joe.' It's an amazing combination. We would not be very good if we didn't fully utilize him, so he's going to have a lot of things to do. It is an ensemble movie, so you have other characters certainly playing it out."

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