'Twilight' Star Gets Savage, 'Breaking Bad' Actors Get New Roles

Mia MaestroThings are going to get savage for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" star Mia Maestro.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Maestro, who plays new vamp Carmen in "Breaking Dawn," has joined the cast of Oliver Stone's latest "Savages." She will be playing Benicio Del Toro's wife in the ensemble flick. Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively also star in the drama.

In the news after the jump, find out who Will Smith is lining up to star in his Katrina drama, which "Breaking Bad" stars have films in the works, and who is attempting to adapt "The Giver."

Will Smith Wants Denzel Washington For "The American Can"

According to Vulture, Will Smith is eying Denzel Washington for the lead role in his Hurricane Katrina drama "The American Can." It tells the true story of the residents of the American Can apartment complex after the levees broke while they waited for rescue. Washington would play ex-Marine John Keller, who protected the residents who couldn't evacuate.

"Breaking Bad" Stars Join Two Films

With "Breaking Bad" season four set to premiere within the month, two of its leading men are making their way to the big screen. Bryan Cranston is in negotiations to join Ben Affleck's Tehran hostage crisis flick "Argo" according to The Hollywood Reporter, and Giancarlo Esposito is jumping on board Summit's "I, Alex Cross" adaptation (also according to THR).

Jeff Bridges Wants "The Giver"

Variety has the exciting news that Jeff Bridges and producer Nikki Silver have acquired the rights to "The Giver" and are looking to bring it to the big screen. Even more exciting is the fact that Bridges plans on playing the title character himself. Sounds like a good fit in our books!

Some Thomas Jane In Your Life

Collider got the chance to have a pretty lengthy chat with "Hung" star Thomas Jane and found out about a whole bunch of his upcoming projects. First up is his Glen Sherley biopic, but he also has a western that he's written and a werewolf flick called "The Lycan." His best line? When asked why he's been producing so many of his own movies, Jane answered, "If someone's gonna screw it up, it should be me." He also confirmed that he was fired from Sylvester Stallone's "Headshot," and had some choice words to share on the subject.

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