Guillermo Del Toro Confirms 'Pacific Rim' Role For Charlie Day

Anytime Guillermo Del Toro's name is attached to anything, there is cause for excitement. A) We love his work and B) he's such a warm, lovable human being that it is impossible NOT to love him to pieces. So what we know about his next directorial venture, "Pacific Rim," is that it's a monster movie, but not "Godzilla"-esque. There are also a lot of fun people in it: "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and, as was confirmed by Del Toro, "Always Sunny" star Charlie Day.

When we caught up with the delightful man during the press day for "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark," which he produced, we asked him what appealed to him most about the project and what kind of character Day will be playing.

"The same thing that appeals to me about most of my projects, monsters, creatures," Del Toro said. "It's literally, I love sophisticated food, I love caviar and this and that, but I also love Twinkies," he said, comparing his tastes in filmmaking to his tastes in food. "It's like I stepped into a room full of Twinkies [with this movie], you can hear the song and my face brightening up, a love moment," he explained.

"I go, 'Monsters? In that number and that size, doing the things that they do in "Pacific Rim,"'? [It is a] pure banquet," he said adding that it is only a monster movie, not a monster/horror movie blend.

"It's the sheer joy of a giant monster movie. If you've ever seen one or ejoyed one, this is the sheer joy of giant things doing terrible things to little things," he explained with a chuckle.

And what about Charlie Day's role? Will he be comedic relief or the straight man?

"He plays a very nice role," Del Toro said. "It's not a comedic relief role, but he is a strange character, his character is pretty strange."

What do you think of Del Toro's Twinkie of a monster movie, "Pacific Rim?" Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!