Harry Potter World Cup: Fred Vs. Arthur

Harry PotterWelcome to MTV's Harry Potter World Cup! We've selected 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches. Will the Death Eaters destroy Hogwarts, or will good triumph over evil? In the end, the choice is yours, so keep voting at MTV Movies Blog and make your voice heard!

Poor Arthur Weasley. He already fought and defeated one of his many children, Percy, in the last round of the Harry Potter World Cup. And now as he enters round two of the Hogsmeade division, he once again finds himself wand to wand against a fellow Weasley — and this time, his victory won't come so easily.

Voting for all second round match-ups will close on Friday, July 1 at 12:01 AM EST, so make sure to start voting now. You can follow all of the duels right here.

(4) Fred Weasley vs. (5) Arthur Weasley

Arthur has several things going for him: he has experience, he works for the Ministry of Magic, he's a father figure to just about everybody… but does any of that matter when he's up against Fred? The Weasley twins are two of the most popular characters in all of "Potter," and given the way that things work out for Fred in "Deathly Hallows Part 2," fan support could well be on his side. Again, as is the case in George versus Ginny, it's an ugly throwdown between two beloved characters… but only one of these Weasleys can advance to the Sweet 16.

Having trouble deciding? Consult our Harry Potter World Cup experts from MuggleNet, The Leaky Cauldron, DanRadcliffe.com, RupertGrint.net and MTV News for their insight!

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