'Game Of Thrones' Season Two Casting Begins

Natalie DormerButton up your overcoats, because winter is coming back already.

Though the first season of "Game of Thrones" just ended, casting on season two has already begun. Entertainment Weekly has the news that "Tudors" actress Natalie Dormer has landed the significant role of Margaery Tyrell in the show's second seasons. Though she initially has a smaller role in the books, Margaery becomes a crucial character in "Storm of Swords" and "Feast For Crows," presumably the basis for seasons three and four.

In the casting news after the jump, find out who replaced Michael Fassbender in Danny Boyle's "Trance," which "Thor" star has been cast as the lead in "Pacific Rim," and what two exciting films Ryan Gosling has lined up.

James McAvoy Is In A "Trance"

Variety has learned that James McAvoy will be teaming up with Danny Boyle soon for the director's upcoming heist thriller, "Trance." Originally McAvoy's "X-Men: First Class" costar Michael Fassbender had been the lead, but since he dropped out, McAvoy has stepped up to the plate.

Idris Elba Heads To The "Pacific Rim"

"Thor" star Idris Elba is the latest star to join Guillermo del Toro in his sci-fi action flick "Pacific Rim." He will be playing the lead role of Sensi in the film, Deadline has learned. Production is set for November, which will be after Elba wraps filming on Ridley Scott's "Prometheus."

"Super 8" Star Joel Courtney Is Tom Sawyer

Following the great fallout of "Super 8," the film's young star Joel Courtney has two exciting projects lined up according to Variety. First is an indie adaptation of "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn" directed by Jo Kastner, which is scheduled to shoot in August in Bulgaria. The second is the Giorgino Serafini-written-and-directed "The Healer," which is a supernatural adventure about an ailing father and his two sons.

"Only God Forgives" For Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to reteam with his "Drive" and (future) "Logan's Run" director Nicolas Winding Refn to star in the revenge story "Only God Forgives" alongside Kristin Scott Thomas, according to Variety. The flick centers on a Thai cop and a British gangster hiding in the Bangkok world of gambling, boxing and prostitution. It's set to start shooting in November. Additionally, Gosling and Refn spoke with The Los Angeles Times about their plans for "Logan's Run."

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