Harry Potter World Cup: Vote Fred And George

There's no question that Fred and George Weasley are two of the most popular characters in the whole wide wizarding world of "Harry Potter" — just see how they're doing in their Harry Potter World Cup match-ups for further evidence— but are they the most popular characters? We'll find out soon just how much affection you have for the on-screen alter-egos of James and Oliver Phelps when they (inevitably) move onto their second round match-ups.

But with George likely to face off Ginny and Fred against his father Arthur, we're rapidly moving towards an important sub-question: which Weasley is the best of the bunch? It should come as no surprise, of course, that both Phelps brothers think their Weasley twin is the best of the red-headed clan.

"I'd say George is definitely the better brother," Oliver quipped. "I think everybody who watches 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' will learn that George is the better brother. He's got a cool little war wound going on there. Luckily my [ear] has grown back, but George is a fighter!"

"Eh, not a very good one, I don't think," James chimed in, letting his Fred flag fly. "Fred really puts his neck on the line all of the time. I think that becomes more prominent as the series goes on."

Both brothers put up good arguments for why Fred and George are better than one another. But seeing as they're on opposite ends of the bracket, the twins won't have to worry about dueling each other unless they both make it to the final round — and if it comes down to that, it'll be interesting to see if George's holiness or Fred's selflessness wins the day.

Are the Weasley twins your favorite characters? Which one would you vote to win the whole Potter World Cup? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!