Donnie Wahlberg Faces 'The Human Centipede'

What does NKOTBSB (ed note: New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys, for those of you who don't immediately recognize the acronym like me -JW) do on the road? Aside from perfect their harmonies and sweet boy band dancing skills, well, they also watch bizarre horror flicks like "The Human Centipede."

Well, at least New Kids' resident bad boy, Donnie Wahlberg does. The hot topic came up (we promise, we didn’t bring it up) when MTV News caught up with the guys during a tour stop in New Jersey and Donnie very frequently dropped the movie's title several times during the conversation, usually making everyone in the room giggle.

"Listen, this is therapeutic for me," Wahlberg reacted with a grin when the frequent mention of "Human Centipede" was called into question. "It may seem funny to you..."

"The first time I saw this DVD, I picked it up at Target," he said of his initial encounter with "The Human Centipede," adding that "if it's clean enough for Target, it's clean enough for MTV." Not so sure we agree there, Donnie!

"I was disturbed for weeks. I had to watch it, so I could face the fear. And I faced it. And I feel better," he said of his current take on the horror flick now that he's seen it. "Face the fear. It's the only way. I would get random moments -- like I'd just be sitting around eating a sandwich and go 'ugh.' I'd think of the box of the DVD. Now I feel better. Now I can talk about it openly and I don't get queasy."

Now, I actually didn't realize what "The Human Centipede" is until I left the interview and sat down to write up this post. But, from my research, I've gathered that it's... mostly pretty upsetting. According to the internets, the Dutch horror flick, directed by a gentleman named Tom Six (who I have to say sounds like he has some issues to work through) is about a mad (like a truly, truly mad) scientist who kidnaps tourists and surgically binds them mouth to bum. Ouch!

I can't face the fear, Donnie Wahlberg. I'm sorry... but I can't.

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