Harry Potter World Cup: Fred Vs. Sprout, Arthur Vs. Percy

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Remember what I said about Peter Pettigrew and fair fights? Well, the latest match-up in the Hogsmeade division of the Harry Potter World Cup is an unfair fight of a different color… a bright and freckle-faced shade of red, to be precise.

With so many Weasleys competing in the tournament, some family in-fighting was destined to happen. But this early on? And a duel between father and son, of all things? That's just downright cruel! Nevertheless, it's a Weasley field day in these next two first-round match-ups, both of which come to a close on Sunday (June 27) at midnight.

(5) Arthur Weasley vs. (12) Percy Weasley

The Weasleys have always been a tight-knit group, but former Gryffindor prefect and current Ministry of Magic rising star Percy's unwillingness to side with Arthur and his family during Lord Voldemort's rise to power almost cost him his seat at their table. Though the stubborn Percy and the muggle-curious Arthur ultimately made amends, you better believe that the Weasley patriarch is at least somewhat looking forward to giving his estranged son a first-round spanking. Can Percy dodge his father's wrath through his high-placed political connections, or is he about to learn a very painful lesson about family loyalty?

(4) Fred Weasley vs. (13) Professor Sprout

His first round match-up isn't quite as glorious as his prankster twin George's, but Fred's still going to have some fun putting this Hogwarts faculty member through the wringer. But Fred needs to be cautious when approaching Hufflepuff's Head of House and Herbology master. Considering that she's gone toe to toe with the Womping Willow and lived to tell the tale, the Weasley twin would be wise to recognize that Sprout's skills are no laughing matter.

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