Harry Potter World Cup: Dumbledore Vs. Mundungus, Grindelwald Vs. Ollivander

Harry PotterWelcome to MTV's Harry Potter World Cup! We've selected 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches. Will the Death Eaters destroy Hogwarts, or will good triumph over evil? In the end, the choice is yours, so keep voting at MTV Movies Blog and make your voice heard!

It's a widely held belief that (*deep breath*) Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (*aaand release*) is one of the greatest wizards of all time, if not the greatest. Well, his reputation is certainly on the line now that the Harry Potter World Cup is in full effect.

Day two of first round voting in the Godric's Hollow division closes out with Dumbledore, easily one of the strongest competitors in the entire World Cup, squaring off against reluctant Order of the Phoenix member Mundungus Fletcher. At the same time, Dumbledore's former flame (just ask Ms. Rowling) and long-time rival Gellert Grindelwald puts his skills to the test against the wand expert Ollivander. Voting on these contentious duels closes on Sunday (June 27) at midnight, so without further ado, let's get to the battle!

(7) Gellert Grindelwald vs. (10) Mr. Ollivander

Though we see very little of Grindelwald in the "Harry Potter" films and only hear of his past tales of triumph and terror from second hand sources, there's no denying his reputation: second only to Voldemort, Grindelwald is considered the most dangerous Dark Wizard of all time. That's quite an intimidating prospect for Mr. Ollivander, but he's no slouch himself — the Diagon Alley staple (don't ask what he's doing in Godric's Hollow) is widely agreed upon as the best wand maker in the wizarding world, bringing a depth of knowledge and craft that could easily prove to be Grindelwald's undoing.

(2) Albus Dumbledore vs. (15) Mundungus Fletcher

The very thought of facing Albus Dumbledore in a duel would send shivers down any reasonable opponent's spine, most especially Mundungus Fletcher. The notorious con artist has extreme loyalty to the Hogwarts headmaster, second only to… well, himself. When push comes to shove, Fletcher will do what he must to rise to the top. But it's that exact self-centered thinking that puts him at a disadvantage against Albus and his selfless spirit — barring a major upset, this first round should be a walk in the park for the good wizard.

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