Harry Potter World Cup: Lupin Vs Filch, Hedwig Vs Seamus

Harry PotterWelcome to MTV's Harry Potter World Cup! We've selected 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches. Will the Death Eaters destroy Hogwarts, or will good triumph over evil? In the end, the choice is yours, so keep voting at MTV Movies Blog and make your voice heard!

Though his time on the job was no longer than most of his colleagues, is there any doubt that Remus Lupin is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor the "Harry Potter" series has ever seen? Well, maybe there is for some of you, but not for me — and I suppose that this is the part where I must admit that the good werewolf is my favorite "Potter" character of all time, and already has my vote for as long as he's in this race. Sorry, guys; I know I'm supposed to be biased, but it is what it is!

Still, even my favor for Lupin won't help him win the Godric's Hollow division — his fate rests in your hands, and the road ahead looks very difficult for him indeed. Meanwhile, as the Dumbledore loyalist struggles to survive his first round match-up, there's another duel going on that should have equally interesting results on Sunday (June 20) at midnight when the first round polls have closed.

(6) Hedwig vs. (11) Seamus Finnigan

Two of Harry's longtime companions go head to head in this latest match-up. In one corner, our hero's incredibly popular and dearly departed owl, Hedwig. In the other, his fellow Gryffindor and good pal Seamus Finnigan. Like his buddy Dean Thomas, Seamus has his share of support from his fan base. But, really, who doesn't love Hedwig? She could very easily fly away with this one.

(3) Remus Lupin vs. (14) Argus Filch

Few people understand the nooks and crannies of Hogwarts like Argus Filch, the wizarding school's notoriously crotchety caretaker. If you're a student, the last thing you want is for Filch and his pet cat Mrs. Norris to catch you roaming the halls at night. But Lupin, who has plenty of school-savvy as one of the creators of the Marauder's Map, knows the secrets of Hogwarts just as well as Filch. Plus, he's a werewolf. Just as paper covers rock, werewolves beat caretakers, always. (Translation: don't break my heart, Lupin — or my bracket!)

Having trouble deciding? Consult our Harry Potter World Cup experts from MuggleNet, The Leaky Cauldron and MTV News for their insight!