Harry Potter World Cup: The First Round!

Harry PotterWelcome to MTV's Harry Potter World Cup! We've selected 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches. Will the Death Eaters destroy Hogwarts, or will good triumph over evil? In the end, the choice is yours, so keep voting at MTV Movies Blog and make your voice heard!

Wands at the ready, wizards and witches! All of the voting for the first round of Harry Potter World Cup is now open, so it's up to you to vote and decide which of your favorite characters will advance to the next round. Voting ends at 12:01 AM EST on Monday (June 27), so there's no time to waste. Will we see early favorites like Harry, Hermione and Ron advance to their next duels as expected, or is there room for an underdog — say, the surprising push-back that Narcissa Malfoy is giving to Luna Lovegood, or the epic battle between old rivals Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour, for example — to apparate their way into round two? We'll find out once voting closes, won't we? You can view all the match-ups below, or you can go here to see all of the polls individually.

Privet Drive

» (1) Harry Potter vs. (16) Professor Quirrell

» (8) Lucius Malfoy vs. (9) Gilderoy Lockhart

» (5) Professor McGonagall vs. (12) Cornelius Fudge

» (4) Neville Longbottom vs. (13) Fenrir Greyback

» (6) Dobby the House Elf vs. (11) Dean Thomas

» (3) Mad-Eye Moody vs. (14) Kingsley Shacklebolt

» (7) Professor Trelawney vs. (10) Professor Flitwick

» (2) Severus Snape vs. (15) Vincent Crabbe

Godric's Hollow

» (1) Hermione Granger vs. (16) Rita Skeeter

» (8) Nearly Headless Nick vs. (9) Fawkes

» (5) Ginny Weasley vs. (12) The Dursleys

» (4) George Weasley vs. (13) Dolores Umbridge

» (6) Hedwig vs. (11) Seamus Finnigan

» (3) Remus Lupin vs. (14) Argus Filch

» (7) Gellert Grindelwald vs. (10) Mr. Ollivander

» (2) Albus Dumbledore vs. (15) Mundungus Fletcher


» (1) Ron Weasley vs. (16) Lavender Brown

» (8) Oliver Wood vs. (9) Peter Pettigrew

» (5) Arthur Weasley vs. (12) Percy Weasley

» (4) Fred Weasley vs. (13) Professor Sprout

» (6) Luna Lovegood vs. (11) Narcissa Malfoy

» (3) Cedric Diggory vs. (14) Olympe Maxime

» (7) Lily Potter vs. (10) Horace Slughorn

» (2) Rubeus Hagrid vs. (15) Gregory Goyle

Diagon Alley

» (1) Draco Malfoy vs. (16) Peeves

» (8) Viktor Krum vs. (9) Fleur Delacour

» (5) Molly Weasley vs. (12) Aragog

» (4) Bellatrix Lestrange vs. (13) Cho Chang

» (6) Nymphadora Tonks vs. (11) Nagini

» (3) Sirius Black vs. (14) Rufus Scrimgeour

» (7) James Potter vs. (10) Kreacher the House Elf

» (2) Lord Voldemort vs. (15) Moaning Myrtle

And as always, if you're having trouble deciding who to vote for, just look towards our Harry Potter World Cup experts from MuggleNet, The Leaky Cauldron and MTV News for their insight!

Who is your pick to win Harry Potter World Cup? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!