Harry Potter World Cup: Weasley Twins Conjure Bracket Picks

The Harry Potter World Cup is almost upon us. Voting begins on Monday (June 20), which means you better have a working knowledge of the month-long tournament's bracket by then — or else your favorite character might get knocked out of the wizarding duel straight away!

If you aren't up to speed on the bracket yet, no sweat: the Weasley twins are here to help. "Harry Potter" stars James and Oliver Phelps were kind enough to not only announce the launch of Harry Potter World Cup, but also take a few minutes to analyze the first round of match-ups. Watch their bracket in the video below!

We'll have several other "Potter" experts weighing in on the tournament in the coming days and weeks. I've got some thoughts on the matter myself — check out what I think of the bracket past the jump!

Privet Drive

Really, is there any chance that the Boy Who Lived doesn't survive long enough to win his division? On the surface, Harry seems like a lock for the Final Four, but he does have some serious contenders to worry about, most notably Dobby, Professor McGonagall and — further down the line — Severus Snape. Smart money says that the Hogwarts hero and the Half-Blood Prince will be at each other's throats when the Elite 8 comes around.

Godric's Hollow

Again, it's easy to say that Hermione Granger and Albus Dumbledore are locked and loaded for the final two positions in the Godric's Hollow bracket. But don't underestimate fan support for Remus Lupin (my personal favorite) or George Weasley (who's sure to blow Umbridge out of the water once again). I know that more than a few of you are pulling for Hedwig and Fawkes, too, so I wouldn't be surprised to see those two competitors take flight.


Beyond some immeasurably cruel match-ups like Arthur Weasley versus his son Percy and Lily Potter against Horace Slughorn, it should go without saying that this division contains the biggest fear for "Potter" fans everywhere: Cedric Diggory, better known to many as "that dead dude Robert Pattinson played before he was Edward." If the "Twilight" fans come out and support their champion, then Ron Weasley — and the rest of the bracket, for that matter — could very well fall under Cedric's spell.

Diagon Alley

In my opinion, this is the most contentious corner of the entire Harry Potter World Cup. Draco Malfoy and You Know Who are the two players best positioned for success, but then you've got notable fan favorites like Sirius Black and his wicked murderer Bellatrix Lestrange who could absolutely go deep. Honestly, Diagon Alley is a bit of a toss-up, but if there's one certainty, it's this: Tom Riddle is going to destroy Moaning Myrtle. AGAIN!

What do you think of the Harry Potter World Cup bracket? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter, and don't forget to vote on Monday!