'Pottermore': 5 Guesses At J.K. Rowling's New Project

PottermoreUnless you've been hiding in the depths of Mad Eye Moody's magical trunk, then you already know that this has been quite a wild week for "Harry Potter" fans. In addition to the launch of MTV's Harry Potter World Cup and the release of the final — yes, you read that correctly, the finaltrailer for "Deathly Hallows Part 2," there was a curious tease from "Potter" author Jo Rowling about… well, more "Potter."

Here's what we know: Rowling's big reveal is called Pottermore. The full details come to light in less than a week. Scholastic says that the announcement does not involve a new book. So what could it be, then?

Surprise, surprise — we've got some guesses. Good ones, too. Check out five Pottermore possibilities past the jump!

It's A Website AND A Sequel

"No kidding it's a website," you say. "True," says I. But what if Pottermore being a website is significant enough unto itself? A brand new Rowling-approved social networking spot where "Potter" fans across the globe can gather their thoughts and theories for years to come. More than that, what if it's a place where Rowling publishes new "Potter" stories? Sure, Scholastic says that Pottermore isn't "a new book" — but we're living in the digital age, people. Short (or, fingers crossed, long) stories published online don't quite fit under the "new book" umbrella. Bit of a loophole there, yeah? Perhaps, then, Pottermore really is a place to sequelize the Potterverse, if not quite with the reading experience you may have had in mind.

It's A Movie

This possibility doesn't seem particularly likely — is Rowling really going to take the wind out of "Deathly Hallows" sails by announcing a brand new "Potter" movie before the "final" film comes out? Doubtful. But how about a documentary? How about a movie that takes us behind-the-scenes on the creation of "Potter," whether that's the movies themselves or even Jo's experiences writing and living with this magical masterpiece? I can't speak for the rest of you, but that's certainly a movie I'd pay the full price of admission for.

It's A Video Game

I think a lot of the commenters on our original Pottermore report might have hit the nail on the head: Pottermore is a video game. Furthermore, Pottermore is a MMORPG, an online game with a massive shared universe that players of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities can engage in. As it stands, the Potterverse is huge enough within the books and the movies. A MMORPG would certainly do the trick in deepening the Potter mythos even — wait for it — more.

It's A Theme Park

Yes, we already have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. But as regular Movies Blog contributor Terri Schwartz has pointed out previously, why not launch a new park — say, one that's based a bit closer to where the magic of "Potter" actually took place? Could Pottermore be a "Potter" paradise, whether in London or some other part of the world, where fans can unite and bask in butterbeer and magical merriment for the rest of their days? Who knows — I'd certainly book a flight, though!

It's A Real Wizarding School

Come on: you know magic is real. Jo knows magic is real. It was only a matter of time before she pulled the curtain back all the way and started her very own Hogwarts. Start prepping those admissions packets now, wizards-in-training!

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