'Attack The Block' Red Band Trailer Invades This Week's Horror Bites

Attack the Block"Attack the Block," easily one of the most buzzed-about films in recent memory thanks to its film festival presence over the past year, is finally facing a wide-scale release thanks to Screen Gems. The film's a genre bender in the purest sense of the term: it's got science fiction, it's got comedy and, most relevantly to this particular column, it's chock full of horror.

If you're not already up to "Attack" speed, we can catch you up quite a bit, thanks to the recently released red-band trailer for the film. You'll find that trailer, plus updates on the "Human Centipede" sequel and more, past the jump. Welcome to this week's Horror Bites.

"Attack" The Red-Band Trailer

When it comes to "Attack the Block," beyond the obligatory this is not safe for work message, the less said, the better. Watch the trailer for yourself and you'll see why people are getting so bloodthirsty over this film.

UK Distributor Responds to "Human Centipede" Sequel Shenanigans

"The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence" hasn't been released yet, and that filthy bugger is already stirring up major controversy (le duh). We brought you news last week that the British Board of Film Classification banned the movie from being released on the other side of the pond. The film board folded their arms and said they couldn't classify Tom Six's gruesome sequel, while spoiling a fair amount of disturbing plot details in a lengthy press release.

Six was not amused, and now UK distributor Eureka has responded after promising to appeal the ban. They indicate that they "strongly disagree" with the decision, and cite that the movie is "adult entertainment for fans of horror films. If a film of this nature does not seek to push boundaries, to challenge people and their value systems or to shock, then it is not horror. The subject matter of this film is in line with not only the genre, but other challenging entertainment choices for adult consumers."

Matthew Fox Gets Zombified for "World War Z"

"Lost" star Matthew Fox and Hollywood vet Ed Harris have joined the fight against the undead in the upcoming "World War Z," as we told you earlier this week. The adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie tale stars Brad Pitt (who is also producing the movie) and finally answers the question, "What would Tyler Durden do?" Pitt plays the UN researcher who collects the stories of those who fought for freedom from the flesh-eaters after a bloody epidemic broke out. Mireille Enos from AMC's "The Killing" will play Pitt's wife, while "Rubicon's" James Badge Dale is cast as an American soldier who tries to alert the military to the outbreak. Are you liking this cast so far?

Genre Icon Bill Moseley Returns to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Franchise

Horror fave Bill Moseley – best known for playing Chop Top in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2," and more recently as "Luigi in Repo!" – is returning to the chainsaw classic. He'll be playing Drayton in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D," which as Dread Central points out, is an obvious hat tip to Jim Siedow's Drayton "The Cook" Sawyer in the original 1974 film, as well as part deux. We don't know further details just yet, because casting is still underway, but shooting starts this summer in Louisiana. This installment is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's original movie and follows Heather who travels to Texas to collect an inheritance. It also turns out that the terrifying Leatherface is her cousin. Sound wonky, or are you buying what this Lone Star flick is selling?

"Camp Hell" Will Make the Baby Jesus Cry

We see you starring in this direct to DVD/Digital Download/On Demand horror flick, Jesse Eisenberg, and we like it. "Camp Hell" is supposedly based on true events (in New Jersey, anything is possible) and features "The Social Network" star as a camper who dances with the devil. Camp Hope – the strict religious community where it all happens – is run by a nefarious priest who lets sin in. Will this trailer tempt you to join the dark side on August 9?

The ABCs Will Kill You

There's a nifty contest happening that asks aspiring filmmakers to be the 26th director in a horror anthology focused around a gory alphabet. "The ABCs of Death" wants you to submit your short film for the chance to win cash money and screen your work alongside horror filmmakers like Jason Eisener ("Hobo with a Shotgun"), Yoshihiro Nishimura ("Tokyo Gore Police"), and Marcel Sarmiento ("Deadgirl"). Check out the official website for full details.

Get Your Ass to Class, or Face "Detention"

In case you missed the genre-bending "Detention" when it premiered at SXSW this year, Sony has kindly picked up worldwide rights to the teen comedy-type-thing that blends high school doom, time-travel, pop culture absurdity, apocalyptic dread, slasher film terror (or parody), and, yes, Dane Cook. The stand-up comedian/actor stars alongside "The Hunger Games'" Josh Hutcherson in a story about a deadly senior year of high school. A slasher film killer stalks a group of teens who skip detention to save the world. This description doesn't do the movie justice, according to festival-goers, and THR quotes a Sony VP who adds, "The pace, energy and awesomeness [director] Kahn has achieved in 'Detention' are completely mind-blowing in the best way possible." Ya dig? If you need more convincing, just watch the trailer we premiered in March.

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