'Moneyball' Trailer: Brad Pitt Risks It All For Baseball

The prospect of Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill starring together in a movie has tantalized us since "Moneyball" was first announced, but the first trailer for the film has us officially on board.

The story itself is an intriguing one. Brad Pitt stars as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, who has to restructure his team based on a tight budget. He turns to recent Ivy League grad Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill in a fictionalized version of Paul DePodesta, to help him crunch stats with new computer-generated analysis and chose his team players in a way completely different from the traditional route. It's a gamble that Beane means to win, even if the trailer leads us to believe it isn't all smooth sailing.

Screenwriters Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin leave their stamp on the movie trailer in a distinct way, right down to the Sorkinian line, "Don't go on the Internet." In fact, it's been pointed out that Pitt's Beane looks more like Sorkin than the actual real-life person. But the trailer's fast-paced vibe and engaging storyline has us excited that this won't be "just another baseball movie."

But what has us most excited is the actors behind the film. Pitt looks like he is in top form, and his match-up against Hill has us thrilled to see how those two play off each other onscreen. It looks like Hill will continue his funnyman persona in this flick, but with a certain dramatic gravitas that we haven't seen before. Rounding out the A-list cast are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright and Chris Pratt.

The film is already getting some awards buzz, and for good reason from where we're standing. "Moneyball" hits theaters September 23, so we'll have to wait until then to know for sure.

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