'The Truth Below' Is Like 'The Real World' In A Life-Or-Death Survival Situation

For those of you looking for a good time this Thursday night (June 16), MTV has got you covered with the latest addition to our slate of original programming, the teen thriller, "The Truth Below." The film revolves around four high school friends, played by Gillian Zinser, Ricky Mabe, Reid Ewing and Nick Thurston, who while driving home from a spring break ski trip, suddenly find themselves in a life-or-death situation.

"'The Truth Below' is a movie about these four kids, three of which are right here," Nick Thurston told MTV News when the three actors stopped by our west coast studio. "We're on a ski trip, on our way back home and end up crashing into a mountain side and getting covered up with a whole bunch of snow in an avalanche. It's about what happens in the car after we all realize we're stuck down there," he explained. "How we figure out what we're going to do."

"Our secrets start coming out," Reid Ewing added about his and his fellow actors' characters. "We start learning more about each other, all the things we've been hiding, we get to judge each other on a whole new level."

Ricky Mabe joked that "The Truth Below" shares a few similarities with another favorite MTV property.

"It's like 'The Real World,' but if you took them out of a nice penthouse in Las Vegas and put them in a car together, which they can't get out of and death is impending," he said. "It's a lot like '[The] Real World,'" he promised, tongue-in-cheek.

When asked how their thriller differs from anything else that is on MTV or in theaters right now, Mabe explained that the scenario in which the four characters find themselves is a surprise in and of itself.

"I think people might be expecting that it will be like any other teen drama," Mabe said. "But when they watch it they'll realize that no teen drama has gone through these situations before."

"They definitely don't skimp on taboos," Ewing added. "They cover them all."

"It gets pretty intense at times," Thurston offered, without going into spoiler territory. "There are some pretty unexpected things that comes out when they're in the car, some of the secrets that are revealed are pretty intense," he said. "That will be surprising [to audiences], just how much we get away with."

A taboo-tastic "Real World"-esque romp in the snow? Sounds like a winner to me!

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