'Super 8': Investigating 'The Case' Of The Credits

Now that "Super 8" has finally arrived in theaters, we can talk freely amongst ourselves about how awesome it is. Haters, hit the road, this post is for my fellow "Super 8" super fans.

There are a lot of things to love about this film, my favorite being the young cast members. They are just so darn adorable! If you need further proof, watch them talk about the best "Super 8" mystery theories here.

Another example of their heart-melting adorableness is their movie-within-a-movie, "The Case," a zombie movie that the six youngsters actually wrote and directed themselves. Unfortunately I went to an early screening of the film and did not know to stay through the credits to see "The Case" in all its splendor, I found out the hard way afterward. Watch the boys' absolutely priceless reactions to this sad news below, followed by a few more details about their short film, and their brief explanation of why other filmgoers should not repeat my mistake.

"Aww, nooo! You didn't stay?!?" exclaimed Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee and Joel Courtney, collectively.

"There's an amazing movie that we wrote at the end," offered Basso.

"We have a movie-inside-the-movie that we wrote and basically directed, [figured out the] camera angles and everything it was us, basically," added Lee. "At the credits you get to see the whole thing."

"You have to stay [through the credits]! We actually wrote 'The Case,' " Elle Fanning said. "J.J. [Abrams told us] it had to be a zombie movie and that was the only thing we had, so during breaks, we would sit down and collaborate and make up the lines and everything," she explained. "And then we actually shot it with a Super 8 camera."

For those who stayed through the credits, what do you think of "The Case?" Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!