'Super 8' Spoiler Video: 5 Other Viral Movie Info Dumps

There's a lot to love in "Super 8," not the least of which is the fairly spoilery viral clip that was released yesterday, detailing the monster at the center of the film.

"Super 8" is far from the first movie to create an informational video to catch audiences up to speed on the film's central premise. In fact, it's turned out to be something of a sci-fi staple. Everything from "Jurassic Park" to "Wall-E" has seemingly incorporated some element of these retro, potentially viral informational clips as a means to educate their viewers on the background of their films.

After the jump, we've picked five of our favorite videos-within-movies and detail why they've stuck with us for so long.

Mr. DNA, "Jurassic Park"

There's something inherently charming about this super simplified look at how the scientists over at Jurassic Park created their dinosaurs. It sure made science class seem a whole lot easier after watching the movie!

DHARMA Initiative, "Lost"

Unsurprisingly, this other J.J. Abrams-created masterpiece made the cut with its own mystery-inducing videos within a larger work. The DHARMA Initiative videos gave us more questions than answers, but that only meant we were more invested when a new one arose within the context of the narrative.

Total Rekall, "Total Recall"

Roy Brocksmith's Total Rekall commercials might not be selling exactly what they're advertising, but they certainly get across the right tone for the film's technology. The full commercial is a bit different than what's seen in the movie, but definitely sets the stage for what's to come in the Schwarzenegger action vehicle.

Would You Like To Know More?, "Starship Troopers"

These infomercials constantly pop up throughout "Starship Troopers" as a way to relieve the tension in the film and also carry the story along. It helped that the commercials were not only hilarious, but also kept us up-to-date on the war against the bugs.

Buy-N-Large commercials, "Wall-E"

The Buy-N-Large commercials, voiced by BnL CEO Shelby Forthright, at first seemed like they were only included to set the stage for the world Wall-E lived in than to actually advance the plot, but the more the movie evolved, the larger a purpose they held. It turned out that they were actually the most important informational videos included out of our whole list.

What other videos did we miss from this list? Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!