'Mission: Impossible' Director Brad Bird Describes Tom Cruise's 'Crazy' Stunts

With the dynamic duo of "Incredibles" director Brad Bird and A-list action man Tom Cruise bringing us a new chapter of Ethan Hunt's impossible missions, it's safe to assume that the fourth installment of this blockbuster franchise will be bigger and badder than the first three.

When MTV News caught up with Bird at the "Super 8" premiere, we asked the Oscar winner just how crazy the film will be, in terms of stunts and action sequences - especially given the photos that surfaced online of Cruise atop Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

"It's big and it is crazy," Bird said. "I think the craziest thing is that they're real they're not digital. That's Tom Cruise on the tallest building in the world, he's doing all that stuff," Bird said of Cruise's death-defying stunts. "People won't believe it, but we shot it in IMAX so it's there for everyone to see."

In knowing the high insurance premiums and risk of allowing your A-list talent to attempt such cinematic feats, we wondered if Bird had to try and talk him out of any stuntwork.

"He actually lives for that stuff. He loves it," Bird said. "Loves it. The day we finished shooting on the Burj, everyone suddenly relaxed because nothing had happened, no one had gotten injured or died, and the only one who was bummed out was Tom because he had to come down from the building. He loves that stuff."

Bird went on to say that he's just plain old excited to be helming his first live-action feature, but it doesn't mean the end of his career in animation.

"I like films. I'm not moving away from animation," he assured us. "I hope to do it all, like a big salad bar, where I love [and get to try] everything."

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