'Super 8' Spoiler Video Arrives, Damon Lindelof Explores '1952'

"Super 8" spoiler-phobes, you might want to look away from this one. A brand new viral clip centered on this weekend's big release has hit the web, giving plenty of details on the monstrous menace at the core of the mystery. Though you still won't see the film's central antagonist in its entirety, you'll learn a whole lot about it — and, yes, even see a glimpse or two of the thing itself. As I said, be warned… but if your curiosity can't wait until after you've seen the movie, well, all you gotta do is press play on the video below.

Check out the rest of today's biggest movie news after the jump, including Damon Lindelof's biggest post-"Lost" assignment to date and some potential changes in store for "The Hangover Part II" DVD release!

Lindelof Goes To "1952"

"Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof has enjoyed quite a bit of big-screen work lately through "Cowboys and Aliens," "Prometheus" and the upcoming "Star Trek 2." But here comes his biggest movie assignment to date: according to Deadline, he's accepting a seven-figure deal to craft "1952," a mysterious large-scale science fiction feature that could have legs beyond just the big screen. Who knows what the project will be about, but Lindelof and enigmatic numbers always make for an interesting combination.

Post-"Hangover" Tattoo Removal

Mike Tyson's tattoo artist's attempts to block the release of "The Hangover Part II" didn't quite pan out, but the matter remains unsettled. Now, THR reports that unless a settlement can be reached between the artist and Warner Bros., the studio will likely alter the movie's DVD release so as to remove the offending tattoo from Ed Helms' face.

Hunting "Asteroids"

Roland Emmerich is no stranger to the large-scale alien invasion, and it looks like he might head back to familiar territory in the form of "Asteroids," based on the arcade game of the same name. Vulture reports that an offer is on Emmerich's table, and furthermore, the movie takes place after the world has already been taken over by aliens. Sucks to be us!

Hail To The "Dictator"

Last but not least, may we present Sacha Baron Cohen in his most ridiculous form yet? Ladies and gentlemen… meet "The Dictator"!

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