'Human Centipede' Sequel Banned From The UK

Last week, we told you that the gruesome sequel to Tom Six's "Human Centipede" – about a surgeon who stitches together a gory human chain for his own amusement – was waiting to receive approval by UK censors before a release date was announced. History has taught us that the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) doesn't look too kindly on films with extreme, graphic violence and sexuality, so it came as no surprise, really, when news surfaced that "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" has been officially banned in the UK. This means that the board has refused to give the film a classification, making it illegal to distribute.

Six has a few weeks to appeal the ban, but BBFC director David Cooke has stated that cutting the film still wouldn't make it acceptable for viewing. What prompted the British censors to inflict such an extreme ruling? The answer to that question and much more is in this week's Horror Bites.

Fighting For The "Full Sequence"

The BBFC's full statement defending their decision to ban the "Human Centipede" sequel from the UK reveals several disturbing plot spoilers, so read at your own risk. But the decision essentially boils down to this: "It is the Board’s conclusion that the explicit presentation of the central character’s obsessive sexually violent fantasies is in breach of its Classification Guidelines and poses a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers."

Director Tom Six has issued this official response to the ruling: “Thank you BBFC for putting spoilers of my movie on your website and thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn't a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a f---ing MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can't handle or like my movies they just don't watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK.”

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There's a 'Poltergeist' Remake Being Written

MGM wants to remake the horror classic, "Poltergeist," about a family who is terrorized by ghosts (their youngest daughter even talks to the evil spirits through her television). "Rabbit Hole" writer David Lindsay-Abaire – who is co-writing Sam Raimi's "Oz: The Great and Powerful" – has been offered the chance to write the script, according to Vulture. The writer has confirmed he's not sure he wants to tackle the horror property or not, but we do know that this would be another film in a line of remakes the studio is undertaking; retellings of "RoboCop" and "Carrie" are also on the way.

'The Wolfman' Gets Another Reboot

The problematic remake of Universal's 1941 horror classic, "The Wolfman" – starring Benicio Del Toro as the hairy beast – was supposed to get a sequel, but Moviehole says those plans have been scrapped in favor of a reboot. The working title for the new project is being called "Werewolf," and a script is already in the works to create a new, original film inspired by George Waggner's movie and not the Joe Johnston remake. The studio hopes to nab a director in the coming weeks, and want to start shooting this fall. Are you ready for more wolfie, or did last year's attempt make you sour on the Talbot saga?

'King Kong' Gets Animated

20th Century Fox ain't monkeying around, fool. Not only are we being treated to "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," Deadline is reporting that the studio is teaming up with Christian Magalhaes & Bob Snow for an animated, "modern day twist" on the classic "King Kong" story. It's all going to be told from the ape's point of view (in Peter Jackson's 2005 film he was a gorilla). Prepare to feel judged harshly by a towering primate.

'Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil' Coming to VOD and Theaters Soon

Magnolia Pictures has scored the US rights to "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil," Screen Daily reports. They plan on releasing the horror-comedy – about two hillbillies who get attacked by a group of preppy college kids that confuse the duo for psychopaths – for the VOD (Video on Demand) platform on August 26, followed by a theatrical release on September 30. The film won audiences over at festivals last year, including SXSW, Fantaspoa, and Stiges where it took home several awards.

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