'Super 8': Meet The Kids Who Steal The Movie

"Super 8" has a lot going for it, what with all the mystery, creative advertising, A-list blockbuster-making pedigree of director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg and such. The film's major selling point, and the six things you're going to remember long after you waltz out of the theater however, are the talented young actors who absolutely steal the show.

After the jump, check out our brief primer on the kids of "Super 8"!

Joe Lamb, played by Joel Courtney

This doe-eyed, sweet and sensitive youngster is our protagonist. He's reeling over the recent death of his mother, and spends all his free time making model trains and helping his best friend Charles make a movie in order to keep his mind off his grief.

Charles, played by Riley Griffiths

An ambitious, if slightly bossy aspiring filmmaker, Charles starts the film as the ringleader of the group. He knows what he wants and how to get it, in large part due to the fact that he comes from a large family where strongly voicing your wants and needs is the only way to be heard.

Alice Dainard, played by Elle Fanning

Although angellic in appearance and demeanor, Alice has an edge on the boys because she's just a tad older and wiser. Plus, she drives without a license, which the boys think is super cool. She also turns out to be quite the actress. Oh and her dad's an alcoholic with a sad, guilty chip on his shoulder, which makes for a rocky father-daughter relationship.

Cary, played by Ryan Lee

Let's just call him the firestarter. This spunky ball of energy has a serious preoccupation with explosives. Charles uses Cary's "talents" to their advantage and puts him in charge of special effects on their films. Although Cary's knowledge of firearms and the like worries all the parents, his skills do prove quite handy in a pinch. He also plays a very convincing zombie.

Preston, played by Zach Mills, and Martin, played by Gabriel Basso

The last two members of the team will likely be remembered most for their "acting" abilities in Charles' feature film. Preston, for his role and performance as an extra at the train station, and Martin, for the realism and stoic-ness he brings to a scene in which his character has to say goodbye to his wife.

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