James Franco: Musician? His Debut Record Turns It Up Next Month!

James FrancoFROM MTV NEWSROOM: James Franco is already the hyphenate's hyphenate, but now, the acting-directing-art-making-multiple-university-attending-cat-bench-pressing-frequently-squinting star is adding another prefix to his eternally lengthening list of gigs: musician.

Well, sort of. Because while Franco has joined forces with "video/performance artist" Kalup Linzy to create the aptly-named duo Kalup & Franco (they'll release their debut EP, Turn It Up on July 12, through DJ /rupture's Dutty Artz label), based on what we've seen so far — namely, a live performance of "Proud Mary" — Franco doesn't actually seem to be doing much in the way of actual musicianship. Instead, he just sort of stands there in a tuxedo, looking handsome, while someone else vamps and camps (which, if you think about it, is basically all he did when he hosted the Oscars, too.)

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