Jason Bateman & Charlie Day On Robert Pattinson, 'Twilight' Fever And The Movie Awards

Though "Horrible Bosses" stars Jason Bateman and Charlie Day might not have been up for any MTV Movie Awards, they still were a bit defensive about the way "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" swept Sunday's awards show.

"There's nothing but Brits," Bateman said. "Lots of Brits on stage."

Day agreed with Bateman's sentiments. "I think I'm up to 15 Brits, and why do we let them in here?" he deadpanned. "I mean, they win all our awards and they get all our acting jobs. You know, I could be a vampire. Not now, but 15 years ago."

Bateman seemed to doubt whether Robert Pattinson's accent was even real.

"Boca. I heard Boca," Day said after Bateman called Pattinson's origins into question.

MTV's Josh Horowitz tried to lead the interview away from dangerous territory by asking what the duo would do if they ever met Pattinson in real life, but they weren't having it.

"I'd give him some sort of an accent test," Bateman said, and Day followed with, "I'd have to see some sort of drivers license. Birth certificate. "

Still, with "Horrible Bosses" releasing in August, it seems that Bateman and Day could give the "Twilight" kids a run for their money at next years' Movie Awards. Unfortunately, the two stars didn't think so.

"It's [release is] too early," Bateman said. "You'd have to release it later then, closer to the voting time."

When Horowitz said that, with that mindset, they probably should focus more on the Oscars they'll win, Day agreed. "I think I want to get my expectations as high as possible," he said.

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