Aziz Ansari Gets 'Olympic' With Danny McBride

Ladies and gentlemen, Aziz Ansari's headed to space.

Not literally, of course — that would require one heck of a production budget — but the "30 Minutes or Less" and "Parks & Recreation" comedian is preparing to launch into outer orbit for a new comedy, he revealed to MTV News during Sneak Peek Week.

"[Director Jason Woliner and I] are actually writing this idea about me and another guy playing two disgraced astronauts that have to go back to the moon to clear their names," teased Ansari. Casting for the other role remains unannounced — though I'm casting my vote for Ben Schwartz, aka Jean-Ralphio on "Parks & Rec," to play Ansari's buddy-spaceman — but Ansari says that development is "going really well" so far.

Beyond the space comedy, Ansari's working on another big project called "Olympic-Sized A—hole," co-starring his fellow "30 Minutes of Less" star Danny McBride.

"It's about this guy who is an Olympic athlete, this famous Olympic athlete, like Michael Phelps or whoever," he teased. "He comes back to our hometown and has sex with both of our girlfriends at the same time and we get really upset and go after him."

They'd have to tweak the script to reflect his age a bit, but my vote for the titular a—hole goes to another of Ansari's "Parks & Rec" co-stars, the eternally optimistic Rob Lowe. I don't think I'm exaggerating in saying that would litrally be the best movie of all time.

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