How Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman Could Have Won At The Movie Awards

by Matt Goodhue

With the MTV Movie Awards wrapped up and the winners basking in the glory of their golden popcorn, we couldn't help but wonder about all the talented actors, filmmakers, and musicians who shared success in this year of movies — even if they didn't score at the big show last night.

Looking at past Movie Awards and the category changes that have emerged, it's interesting to wonder who might have left the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles last night with an award to their name. What if Best On-Screen Duo still existed, for example? Would that have been an instant victory for Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis? That's the question we're tackling after the jump as we get into full-on daydreaming mode about the Movie Awards categories of yesteryear and the stars of 2011.

Best On-Screen Duo (1992-2006)

Mila and Natalie showed some real intense chemistry on screen in "Black Swan." While the on-going competition and jealously between the two dancers may make them seem like candidates for worst enemies, how can anyone forget their awesome hook up scene after a night of crazy drugs, dancing, and booze? They might've lost Best Kiss, but they'd definitely get our vote for best duo!

Best Song From a Movie (1992-1999, 2009)

"Eclipse" and its cast dominated the Movie Awards yet again this year, and if the Best Song From a Movie category were still around, it likely would've won even further. The Black Keys' "Chop and Change" is an eerie, powerful rock tune with a crunchy guitar and creepy key progression that mimics the vampires and werewolves that fill the screen — an instant winner in our books.

Best Cameo (2001-2002, 2004)

Cameos seem to come out of no where and can either further engage the audience in the movie or completely take them out of it. While "TRON: Legacy" failed to grasp my full attention from the start, the psychedelic beats of Daft Punk kept me in the theater. To make matters better, the band appears in awesome neon lit suits just in time to drop the beats for a crazy disc-throwing fight.

Best Dressed (2001-2002)

Once upon a time, we would think of shoulder-length hair and '90s bowling shirts when someone mentioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but after his role as Leo's badass partner Arthur in "Inception," we can confidently say that he is the man. A very fashionable man, at that. With slick-backed hair and a tie-vest combo that competes with Sinatra, Levitt's character steals every scene that he's in. A black handgun and steel suitcase full of dream-stealing equipment are pretty sweet accessories, too.

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