'30 Minutes Or Less' Cast: Jesse Eisenberg Is 'A Great Improviser'

While Jesse Eisenberg might be the odd comedian out of the "30 Minutes Or Less" cast, his co-stars and director told MTV News during Sneak Peek Week that he definitely wasn't left in the dust during their quick-fire improvisations.

"Jesse, to his credit, is a great improviser," said director Ruben Fleischer. "Both in 'Zombieland' and in this movie, he is responsible for so many funny lines, and he can kind of roll. I don’t think that’s his most comfortable gear, but when it's pushed up, he can give back as good as anybody."

Co-stars Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson, both well-known for their stand-up routines, were both equally impressed with Eisenberg's ability to roll with the punches.

"What was really fun about the movie, and Ruben did such a good job putting the cast together, we all kind of have different energies that play off well with one another," Ansari said. "It worked well in that we all kind of had different energies and then when you put them together in those scenes, I think."

Swardson agreed, saying that Eisenberg "can really roll with it, which is cool."

"He's super fast and super funny, and can keep up for sure," Fleisher added.

Eisenberg earned his comedy cred as the lead in Ruben Fleischer's 2009 flick "Zombieland," where he bounced his improvisations off Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. But in "30 Minutes or Less," Eisenberg had to hold his own against a more solid comedy line-up, with Ansari, Swardson, Danny McBride and Michael Peña, so you'll have to wait until August 12 to see if he delivered the funny well onscreen again.

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