Did Justin Bieber Deserve To Win Best Jaw Dropping Moment?

When Justin Bieber won the award for Best Jaw Dropping Moment, the newest category to be added to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the real jaw dropping moment for some viewers was the fact that the performer won the title at all. Not to discredit Justin's efforts, mind you, but there's no doubt about it: he was facing some very stiff competition.

From Natalie Portman's cringe-worthy "Black Swan" hangnail to James Franco's self-dismemberment in "127 Hours" and the destruction of a dream world in "Inception" — not to mention that oh-so horrific cocktail Steve-O endured during "Jackass 3-D" — there's no denying that there were some serious contenders for Best Jaw Dropping Moment this year.

For Bieber himself, at least, his jaw was absolutely on the floor during the "Never Say Never" performance that earned him the Golden Popcorn. The star told MTV News after his victory: "It was great. It was my first time performing at Madison Square Garden and just being there and having that experience, I'm glad that I got to just have that experience. It was great."

We're sure the debate will rage on for quite some time, but for now, let us know what you think – did Justin deserve to win Best Jaw Dropping Moment? If not, who do you think the award belonged to? Cast your vote in the poll below and take the conversation to the comments section and Twitter!