'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: 5 Reasons To Get Excited

The "Twilight" series officially moves into wrap-up mode this November with the release of "Breaking Dawn: Part 1." After years of vampire-filled and werewolf-studded conflict, the story of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black is coming to an end… and it won't be an easy end, as anyone who's seen the "Breaking Dawn" trailer that premiered at last night's Movie Awards already knows.

Our friends at Hollywood Crush have already run down their five favorite moments from the "Breaking Dawn" trailer, and we've had some "Twilight" experts weigh in on the event as well (which you can see in the video below). But we here at Movies Blog recognize that many of you movie fans just haven't gotten into the "Twilight" groove yet. Regardless, there's still plenty of reasons for you guys to get excited, too.

After the jump, check out five reasons why the "Breaking Dawn" trailer should have any movie fan excited!

The Big Release

Sexual tension and, often times, frustration has long been the name of the game with the "Twilight" series. But when the first half of the final movie arrives later this year, dawn won't be the only thing that's breaking; there's gonna be some broken headboards, too, not to mention a whole lot of pent-up sexual release between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's on-screen alter-egos. If nothing else, it'll be worth tuning into "Breaking Dawn" to see how the years upon years worth of "will they won't they" finally pays off.

Vampire Baby

Well, those of you who've read the "Twilight" books already know how the "will they won't they" question pays off — with a vampire baby! The trailer ends with a major tease at the blood-sucking bun in Bella's oven, and given how Bill Condon and his team seem to be handling the pregnancy, you can bet that the birth scene itself is going to be something that any and all horror movie fans are going to want to take notice of.


We've heard about (and seen!) those infamous abs for a number of years now, but seriously, Taylor Lautner… the dude's jacked. And with his lady love Bella Swan getting married off to Edward Cullen, he's not just jacked… he's pissed. Lautner, who's about to prove his non-"Twilight" action hero worthiness with this summer's "Abduction," gets one last (err, second-to-last) go at his most iconic role to date when "Breaking Dawn" rolls around — and judging by this trailer, he's more than up to the challenge.

Nerd Alert

This next one is a bit on the personally nerdy side, but I'm the editor here — I reserve the right to geek out from time to time! And from where I'm sitting, it's not Rob, Taylor or Kristen who gets me the most pumped in this "Breaking Dawn" trailer… it's the widely under-appreciated Sarah Clarke, who plays Bella's mom Renee Dwyer, receiving an invitation to her daughter's wedding. Why am I so psyched about that, you ask? Well, this should be a no-brainer for any "24" fan: she's Nina Myers! Even if she's not matching wits with Jack Bauer or throwing other assorted wrenches into CTU's crisis management operations, any and all Nina Myers exposure is nothing but a good thing.

It All Ends

If you're a "Twilight" fan, the "Breaking Dawn" trailer is a stark reminder that this series you love so dearly is about to come to an end. If you're not a "Twilight" fan, well… at least things are wrapping up in fairly short order. Regardless of your feelings on the franchise, the trailer brings us one page closer to finally closing the book on the combined star power that Rob, Taylor and Kristen have brought to the table on and off the screen over the past few years. Love it or hate it, the trailer signals the end of one of the most successful franchises in movie history — and from where I'm sitting, that's more than enough reason to tune in.

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