Jim Carrey Will Auction Off His Green Screen Suit

Earlier this week, Jim Carrey teased his appearance on tonight's MTV Movie Awards by telling us about the very special suit he had made for the show — a suit featuring "the latest in nanotechnology."

Well, as in Movie Awards past, the fan-favorite actor didn't disappoint when he took the stage in a green-screen suit on which was broadcast clips of explosions, musical soundscapes, and a pair of dogs, well... getting intimate.

MTV News spoke with Carrey back stage and got some more information on the suit, including the comedian's plans to auction it off to charity.

"If the right lighting is used, you can project anything you want on this suit," he said of his custom-made suit. "It's a projection suit."

According to Carrey, he gave his Movie Awards attire approximately "ten minutes or so" of thought before deciding to go with the human movie screen approach. As for his post-show plans for the suit, Carrey seemed intent on passing it along to a new owner.

"I'm going to auction this off for charity maybe, that's what I'd like to do," he said.

If for some reason you didn't catch Carrey's suit in action, never fear -- we've got the footage right here for your viewing pleasure:

"Traditionally, entertainers not unlike myself have tried to grab people's attention by being outrageous, flashy or even rude for the sake of shock value," joked Carrey when he appeared on stage. "They might even go so far as to come on stage wearing a suit that is the cutting edge of chromakey technology just to show you their 'Boing!'"

However, Carrey indicated that even the most extravagant props pale in comparison to the musical prowess of the performers he was tasked with introducing.

"I used to think that's what it was all about, but then a new breed came along with a different sense of purpose," he said. "They call themselves Foo Fighters."

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