MTV Movie Awards Behind-The-Scenes Live Blog

Whether you're attending the MTV Movie Awards or just watching the big show at home, there's still one place you where you can't see all the action: backstage.

Thankfully, that's why we're here! The MTV News crew is in the thick of the Movie Awards madness, and we're bringing you backstage and behind the curtain with us. We'll be here all night long to give you all the inside scoop about what you're not seeing on television.

Who's hanging out with who? What's going on off stage? We've got all of those answers and more, so stay tuned right here all night long for continued behind-the-scenes updates throughout the show. It's MTV Movie Awards time, folks — and this is your exclusive peek backstage!

11:01 PM Also, it's important to note that even though the show is over, the work is far from over on our end of things. Keep checking back with us over the next several days as the MTV News crew brings you all of the awesome scoops and hilarious interviews that came out of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!

10:58 PM And that's a wrap, guys! Hope you all enjoyed the show. Let us know what you thought of this year's Movie Awards in the comments section and on Twitter!

10:56 PM "Eclipse" cast, whatever you do, DO NOT LET PETER FACINELLI NEAR THE MICROPHONE.

10:55 PM True story: Gary Busey stole that hamster ball from my pet hamster. (Not really a true story. But you could believe it, right?)

10:47 PM Nicki Minaj just ended her interview with Eric Ditzian by saying "See ya, sexy boy." #awkward #awesome

10:38 PM We just spoke with Best Line winner Alexys Nycole Sanchez. We are officially #chocolatewasted.

10:35 PM Someone smacked Josh Horowitz on the butt while he was interviewing Jason Bateman. He's 90% sure it was Taylor Lautner.

10:31 PM Jim Cantiello is backstage with Trey Songz, who just told us that there's no award show better than the Movie Awards. Aw, shucks.

10:25 PM By the way, if you thought Reese might've been a little weirded out by Rob's speech, don't worry -- they're still cool. Josh Horowitz just chatted up the Generation Award-winning actress, who had nothing but the best to say for her "Water for Elephants" co-star.

10:23 PM Say bye-bye to the Foo Fighters, Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley -- they've all officially fled the Movie Awards scene.

10:17 PM Alright: three awards to his name and an absolutely unforgettable (and filthy-mouthed) speech. It's not over yet, but we think it's safe to say that RPattz is the 2011 MTV Movie Awards MVP.

10:12 PM Awesome team-up watch, girl power version: Kristen Stewart (post-Taylor chest-bump) and Lily Collins just caught up with each other (we're pretty sure Lily was asking about Kstew's dog). Meanwhile, "Green Lantern" and "Transformers" stars Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are having a big catch-up sesh out on the patio.

10:08 PM Even when he's not winning, Robert Pattinson is STILL on the Movie Awards stage. Ridiculous! (P.S. congrats Reese!)

10:06 PM So, Edward making out with Jacob... and now Taylor's backstage giving Kristen Stewart a chest bumb. #thathappened

10:03 PM Josh Horowitz has been busy chatting with Shia LaBeouf, Chris Evans, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey... the list goes on. Needless to say, some great interviews coming your way very soon.

10:01 PM Our very own (and no longer armless) Eric Ditzian just talked with Best Fight winner Bryce Dallas Howard, who says the victory all comes down to two words: "Rob" and "Pattinson." Agree or disagree?

9:59 PM Awesome team-up watch continues: Reese just bumped into "The Muppets" star and writer Jason Segel backstage, and hugged it out with Emma Stone a couple moments later.

9:57 PM All eyes (and, uh, other things) are on the Best Kiss award right now, but Reese Witherspoon is currently backstage getting ready to claim her prize.

9:49 PM Best Kiss is coming up soon... is Rob about to go for three?

9:47 PM That Foo Fighters performance was a big hit with everybody backstage, especially Tom Felton -- who knew Draco Malfoy was such a big rock fan?

9:46 PM And Robert's back in the theater just in time to win ANOTHER award! Best Fight goes to the "Eclipse" crew!

9:45 PM Hey, have you guys seen Bob the Boulder? Eric Ditzian is missing an arm and we think Bob took it...

9:42 PM We just talked to "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton about his Best Villain win (his second year in a row!), and he told us that he bumbled through his speech -- but we think he pulled it out with some great British wit!

9:40 PM Newly minted Movie Awards winner Robert Pattinson is back at his seat, and he's getting tons of congrats from the folks sitting around him.

9:38 PM Well, that Bieber-on-a-golf-cart moment suddenly makes a lot more sense to us. Congrats, Justin!

9:37 PM One of the summer's many comic book movie stars, Blake Lively, is hanging out on the patio wearing bright blue and happily posing for photos with some kids.

9:36 PM In fairness, a lot of people are probably wondering what Jim Carrey is doing right now.

9:35 PM Jim Carrey (and his awesome suit) just bumped into Nick Swardson on the patio post Foo Fighters intro. Swardson asks, "Whatcha doin man?"

9:32 PM Our very own Jim Cantiello officially has one of the best seats in the house: one row ahead of Peter Facinelli. Watch out for those F-bombs, Jim!

9:30 PM Justin Bieber just rolled by on a golf cart. How's that for a jaw-dropping moment?

9:28 PM Awesome team-up alerts, Chris Evans edition: the future "Captain America" star has been spotted crossing paths with both Patrick Dempsey and Nicki Minaj. Why's Evans floating around backstage, you ask? Keep watching...

9:26 PM Where's Taylor Lautner? Not at the MTV Movie Awards. Not at the moment, at least -- he just ducked out of the theater, leaving the Movie Awards crowd without the most famous abs in the world for the next little while.

9:25 PM For the record, everyone on the MTV News team is wearing the same outfit as Jim Carrey. #notreally

9:23 PM Justin Timberlake has fled the theater for the limo drop, but not before saying hi to all of his fans and sending them into a tizzy.

9:21 PM Robert's psyched about the Best Male Performance win, but based on what he just told Josh Horowitz, he's pretty nervous about what might happen if he wins Best Kiss -- he says he's got nothing planned. Rob, start planning!

9:19 PM Also, for the record, the whole MTV News crew (and most everybody backstage) is super psyched for "Super 8," especially after that super great sneak peek. (Okay, that's the last time we'll say "super" in this blog. Maybe. Probably not.)

9:18 PM Speaking of Rob, our very own Josh Horowitz is currently chatting up the "Twilight" sensation about his big win for "Eclipse." Stay tuned for more details!

9:16 PM We were a bit worried when we didn't see Rob on the red carpet, but looks like he just skipped all of that and headed straight to the stage for some golden popcorn glory!

9:13 PM Looks like Eva Mendes isn't the only person on Team Edward. Congrats, RPattz!

9:08 PM It wouldn't be an awards show without the host absolutely mortifying his audience, and on that front, Sudeikis is scoring HUGE points inside the Gibson Amphitheatre.

9:02 PM Eva Mendes is on Team Edward, eh? Speaking of people on Team Edward -- have you checked out Kristen Stewart's dress covered in safety pins? You will soon enough!


8:57 PM Other awesome team-ups alert: Josh Duhamel drinking beer with "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli. And one of our reporters on the ground tells us that Emma Watson just strolled past Duhamel's newest "Transformers" co-star, Patrick Dempsey, and had quite the reaction to his McDreaminess...

8:56 PM Two of our favorite movie stars -- Ryan Gosling and Tyrese -- were just seen hugging it out. That's a buddy cop movie in the making if we've ever heard of one.

8:54 PM Six minutes left to go and STILL no sign of Robert Pattinson backstage. What's the deal?!

8:52 PM "Super 8" director J.J. Abrams is hanging out back stage as well. And as we already told you, he's got a very cool surprise coming your way shortly...

8:50 PM First celebrity sightings backstage: "Scream 4" star Emma Roberts just walked past us, followed by Movie Awards nominee (and future Peter Parker) Andrew Garfield walking with — wait for it — Danny McBride! That's a team up we'd love to see on screen!

8:48 PM If you missed it earlier, go back and check out Hollywood Crush's awesome recap of everything that went down on the Movie Awards red carpet!

8:45 PM The show's just 15 minutes away for you guys at home, but for us, the back stage shenanigans are well underway. Plenty of observations coming your way shortly. But for now, tell us -- what are you most looking forward to about tonight's show? Hit the comments (and Twitter) to let us know!

8:43 PM In the immortal words of Chris Farley, it's go time: the MTV Movie Awards Behind-The-Scenes live blog has officially kicked off!