'Transformers' Star Bumblebee Hits The Movie Awards!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's…. "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" hero Bumblebee on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet?

That's right, our super secret surprise that we teased a few days back is our favorite yellow Transformer, who has headed to the Gibson Amphitheatre to promote his upcoming movie. We brought along a model of his Camaro form as well, since Bumblebee was a bit embarrassed about changing forms on the red carpet and accidentally letting his parts show.

We'll be sure to show off Bumblebee as much as possible during the red carpet pre-show, but you can also check out some of his awesome scenes from the new "Transformers" in these recently released trailers. MTV's Kara Warner got a chance to see one scene of Bumblebee's in particular that involves him transforming while Shia LaBeouf was in the car that is pretty intense.

The movie of course hits theaters on June 29, but stay tuned to MTV Movies Blog for updates on the project, and the interviews we nabbed with the stars tonight on the Movie Awards red carpet.

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