Aziz Ansari To Host Jason Sudeikis: Don't Look At Jackie Chan

When it comes to hosting the MTV Movie Awards, Aziz Ansari knows a thing or two about how to do it right.

Last year's host chatted with MTV News during Friday night's Sneak Peek Week event with his new flick "30 Minutes or Less," and he offered up the most important advice he had for Jason Sudeikis, who is hosting this year's ceremony.

His words of wisdom? Don't look at Jackie Chan during the show. Ever.

"If you're ever going to host the MTV Movie Awards, and you're doing a monologue, and you want to pick someone to watch, don't pick Jackie Chan," Ansari warned. "Guy doesn't give it up for anything. For real. Didn't crack a smile. I was saying some really funny bits. Samuel L. Jackson? Dying. Jaden Smith? Dying. Eva Mendes? Dying. Jackie Chan? Stone."

It's not the first time Ansari has given Sudeikis some Movie Awards advice through us. When MTV News caught up with him shortly after Sudeikis was announced as the host, he said the only way the "Saturday Night Live" star could get through the gig was with serious amounts of drugs.

"It's so much work, so definitely have a lot of uppers on hand, like just drugs that'll get you fired up," he joked to MTV News. "PCP is good to stay up all night, get all the work done. It's a cool thing, though; it's back in vogue. It's like Twitter, PCP. It's like trendy things: Twitter, PCP, Jonas Brothers."

Will wizards, vampires or dream thieves steal the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? Find out Sunday, when the 20th annual show airs live at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Tune in at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT for the "America's Best Dance Crew" finale and Movie Awards pre-show, loaded with live action from the red carpet, exclusive movie clips and a special edition of "After Hours."