MTV Movie Awards: Revisiting Steve-O's Jaw-Dropping Moment, The Poo Cocktail Supreme

One of the many things that separates the MTV Movie Awards from all those other envelope-opening events are our outrageous award categories. This year, the most fun and exciting, in my humble opinion, is the Best Jaw Dropping Moment, which features not so many jaw dropping elements as cringe-worthy ones. And they're all pretty hard to re-watch, I might add.

Regardless, MTV News sought out Jaw Dropping Moment nominee Steve-O recently, to find out his thoughts on his nomination, what it's like to relive his port-o-potty poo moment from "Jackass 3-D," entitled "Poo Cocktail Supreme," and what he thinks his chances are coming home with some golden popcorn.

"When I found out I was nominated for my work with poo, I just felt so grateful," Steve-O said sincerely, before busting out into fits of laughter.

"I should win, because my jaw was completely dropped the whole time," he added. "I had my mouth wide open and poo flying in there, and if I didn't drop my jaw, then that wouldn't have happened, so I should win."

We have to hand it to the guy, Steve-O does have a leg (or jaw?) up, if we're talking about which nominee's performance most aptly fits the jaw dropping definition.

The other nominees competing with Steve-O are: Natalie Portman for her hangnail moment in "Black Swan," Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page for the dream-within-a-dream "café scene" in "Inception," James Franco between a rock and a hard place in "127 Hours," and likely fan favorite Justin Bieber performing in his 3-D concert doc "Never Say Never."

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